Mobility Consultancy

Mobility defines how we move, connect and interact. It is at the heart of placemaking and has the power to deliver step-change advances for society, the environment and the economy.

Leading the field in mobility 

We are market leaders in emerging trends in mobility thanks to our international research arm. This provides our transport planners and engineers insight and knowledge about best practice and future mobility approaches that directly benefit our clients.

We advise on strategies that optimise different modes of travel, from walking and cycling, to public transport and car use. maximising the benefits of low carbon solutions, new technologies and transport innovation. We bring communities together in different ways, in developments of all sizes.

The strategies we create are always flexible and resilient. They deliver on objectives, investment levels and delivery programmes. They are also formed through collaboration, ensuring stakeholders engage and are engaged.

Once in place, we help track and measure the performance of our strategies on a short and long-term basis, so we can help them continually improve and evolve in line with policy and technology.