Hillington Park, Glasgow

  • Client

    Patrizia UK

  • Sector


  • Location

    Glasgow, Scotland

  • Planning Authority

    Renfrewshire Council and Glasgow City Council

  • Description

    Simplified Planning Zone across Hillington Park to allow up to 579,000 sqm of commercial floorspace



Research & Demonstration
Smart Transport

Project overview

Vectos was appointed by Patrizia UK to provide transport consultancy for the proposed redevelopment of Hillington Park in Glasgow. Patrizia UK applied for the first Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) in Scotland in 20 years to catalyse the regeneration of the country’s first industrial park.
The SPZ allowed for 579,000 sqm of space on the site, 90% reserved for business use. It was a flexible approach to planning, which won the 2015 Delivering in Partnership Award at the Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning.

Our approach

Vectos played a leading role. In addition to identifying the types of potential users, Vectos led the project to define the stakeholders for SocialCar and a common European business strategy for its take-up. We worked with 10 cities to apply and refine the model, before developing a medium to long-term business strategy for commercialising SocialCar on European and World markets.

The app was proven to benefit rural and urban locations alike, multiplying journey options, links to public and sustainable transport and significantly reducing congestion.