Easily Distributed Personal Rapid Transit

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    European Commission

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    First and last mile urban mobility system


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Low Carbon
Research & Demonstration
Smart Transport

Project overview

The Easily Distributed Personal Rapid Transit (ESPRIT) project looked at developing vehicles that would form part of a sustainable and integrated public service network, and allow easier redistribution across the operating network to increase their use.

The solution envisioned an all new, purpose-designed-and-built, electric vehicle that had the capability to be stacked (like a supermarket trolley) into a road train of up to eight vehicles. The vehicles would be driven by one driver to the location(s) where they were most needed, and charged at a single charging point, with software transferring the charge between stacked vehicles in a priority sequence. The vehicle would also provide greater energy efficiency through a custom-built light weight body and fast charging batteries with brake energy recovery.

Our approach

Vectos led on the user needs assessment for the ESPRIT vehicles to inform the key principles of design, such as the number of seats, storage and top speed. Focus groups were held with potential users, stakeholders interviewed and demonstration activities facilitated to test vehicle prototypes.

ESPRIT presented a forward-thinking, self-financing solution for an urban mobility system of the future, providing local mobility services that were accessible in terms of location and price for all local people.