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June 2020

Boosting Vectos’ International Presence

Just over a year has passed since  the opening of our new organisation in Germany, Vectos GmbH, part of the Vectos Group. It comprises the international research and innovation arm of the company.  With a larger dedicated team of transport planning specialists, psychologists, urban planners and researchers, we are now able to deliver more projects for clients, particularly examining trends and establishing best practice in future mobility.

The setting up of the Bonn office was a natural decision following successful engagement with the European Commission, the World Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the United Nations, as we continue to expand our work to support programmes and initiatives worldwide. Our focus is on the progressive transport agenda – exploring changing values, trends, technologies and behaviour in relation to sustainability, climate change, social cohesion and smart economics as well as, most recently, pandemic resilience.

International Director, Professor Laurie Pickup, heads up the GmbH team and manages the portfolio of international projects, including those from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, DG MOVE, World Bank and the EBRD. These projects implement the latest innovations in sustainable transport. We are also driving forward the decarbonisation agenda and are developing new insights into the social aspects of mobility including how to change mindsets and travel behaviour, including the important gender dimension.

Our forward-looking vision is helping stakeholders on the ground to advance more sustainably-designed, low carbon and future-proofed communities, linking physical and virtual mobility solutions to address climate change and resilience objectives. We do this through significant and collaborative cross-sector engagement.

Commenting on the new Bonn office, Laurie said: “Having a base in mainland Europe is central to strengthening the capabilities of the Vectos Group. We are now strategically placed to attract and deliver new work, liaise more closely with our European clients and effectively represent the Vectos brand internationally.”

To find out more about our international operations contact [email protected].