We are one of the largest independent consultancies in transport planning, infrastructure design and flood risk. With a focus on commercial and social value, we bring development forward positively and sustainably.


Ours is a holistic approach. We design, plan and model smart, integrated, multi-modal, low carbon transportation solutions.

We also understand and shape planning policy. Our resulting track record in successful planning consents, appeals and peer reviews is second to none.

Our project experience spans developments that require innovative thinking and attention to detail as well as projects that need a practical and swift resolution.

We have worked on nationally significant regeneration schemes, garden towns, city centre commercial and residential projects, leisure and sports destinations, public sector projects, strategic rail freight interchanges and power stations.

Whatever the scale or scope, we enable development to be brought forward positively, optimising commercial value and placemaking to make schemes successful.

A team of over 150 specialists serve all regions of the UK from offices in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Exeter and Leeds. We also have a dedicated research division working in the UK and Bonn.

With a vision to lead the way in mobility solutions, we aim to deliver a valuable and lasting contribution to society through the creation of healthy, sustainable and resilient places.


We are placemakers. We help to shape the vision; then create, model and deliver solutions to unlock value and deliver places where people can thrive.

Our track record and technical rigour equips us with the skills to give the best advice, but also means we’re not afraid to explore new and innovative approaches.

Agility and mobility are in our DNA. We’re not tethered to any standard way of doing things.


As leaders in research, we have unrivalled insight and knowledge. We explore global trends, examine solutions for future mobility, create new approaches and inform emerging policy.

We bring all of this to bear on projects whatever their size, adding more value as a result. Our solutions meet client objectives by being informed, creative, practical and effective.


Our values are front and centre in everything we do:

  • Creative: visionary, thinking outside the box, being both inspired and inspirational
  • Collaborative: team players, personable, inclusive, supportive
  • Candid: open, transparent, honest
  • Conscientious: hard-working, meticulous, attentive, reliable
  • Curious: pushing boundaries, exploring, inventing, looking to the future
  • Caring: for our staff and the communities we serve