International Research

Our international research and innovation arm, Vectos GmbH, plays a leading role in  mobility research and demonstration projects.


Through this work and how we apply it, we are helping to advance more sustainably designed, low carbon and future-proofed communities.

With our international headquarters in Germany and offices in the UK and Italy, we work with a wide range of organisations including the European Commission, the EBRD, the World Bank and the United Nations.

The power of our insights

We use our research to understand the social aspects of mobility and transport. This informs the narratives for our development planning clients in the UK, which include urban designers, masterplanners, property developers, municipalities and transport authorities.

The focus of our future mobility work is wide-ranging and covers sustainability, climate change, social cohesion, virtual mobility, flexible streets, new technologies, smart economics and pandemic resilience.

Through envisioning the future and implementing the latest innovations, we are proud to be making a positive contribution, driving decarbonisation and changing mind-sets about travel behaviour, at the same time addressing the needs of different genders and generations.


We know how to engage and talk to people. While what we do is technical, we take policy and our solutions and frame them in a way that is easily understood by clients, stakeholders and the wider community.


We aspire to be a rewarding, inspirational place to work. Sociable, stimulating and enlightening, backed up by learning, training and career progression.


With a focus on driving commercial success, meeting project objectives and optimising value, we deliver solutions that are bespoke, visionary and practical.